About Us

At ReUnited Merch we offer American-made quality merchandise that features a positive unifying message. 

Our t-shirts are 100% made in the USA and support non-profits working to bridge social and political divides.

We believe:

  • Toxic division is damaging.
  • We have more in common with "the other side" than many polarizing politians, groups and media would have us think.
  • Americans need to come together to end divisiveness, polarization and reunite as a nation.
  • Giving back matters.
  • Bridging divides and healing America is possible.
  • Social messaging can have a positive impact and contribute to change. 

We also believe that American made matters. 

We’re serious about reuniting the country because we believe that a united USA is a stronger USA.

A key part of building a stronger USA for us also means supporting American manufacturing and the American workers that depend on it. That’s why we make it a priority to source made in the USA products. If we can’t find suitable American sources for products, we either skip those products, make sure a component is USA Made, or source alternatives from countries with ethical and sustainable business practices.

When we buy things that are made in the USA, they may cost a little more than imported goods, but it helps make our country stronger. To us, it’s worth the extra cost.


    Join us! Buy the Reunited States or United State of Mind tee and help spread the message!